Contact us either via phone or e-mail and we will be glad to help.  If need be, we can visit you to see how we can offer greater value in your packaging.


New River can provide many different shapes of boxes or pads. Listed below are some of our basic styles.


Slotted Cartons

Regular Slotted Carton
Half Slotted Carton/Top Flap
Half Slotted Carton/Bottom Flap
Partial Overlapping Carton
Full Overlapping Carton



One Piece Folder
Five Panel Folder


Die Cut Products

Roll End Dust Flaps Cherry Locks
Roll End Cherry Locks
Roll End Tuck Top Dust Flaps
Roll End Tuck Top
Economy Style Tuck Top
Roll End Tray
Roll Front Two Tabs



Flanged Tube


Pads & Trays

Design Style Tray
Scored Pad
Slit Scored Pad

Over Run Products

There are times when we have odd lot boxes and over runs; contact us for the latest list and pricing.