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About Us

New River Packaging, LLC was founded in June 2005. We started out as a small operation making corrugated containers for two local customers. Today, we have grown to more than 75 customers covering a geographic area spanning 200 miles.  We are a true custom designer and are capable of manufacturing box sizes within a fraction of an inch to fit your products perfectly.

Aimee Shenigo (owner) is actively marketing our unique brand and business model to large and small business in a variety of markets.  As an active member of SWAM we hope to attract more customers that want to help small minority business.

Educational Accomplishments

So far 2 students (from Lynchburg College and Liberty University) have sucessfully completed their internships with New River Packaging, LLC.  One of our employees will soon be able to announce that working for New River has enabled them to pay their way through college.

We personally see this as a compliment to our work environment.  It shows that we take care of our employees and help them achieve their personal goals.

Thinking Green

Here at New River we think green by keeping it clean:

  • We recycle any unusable cardboard into large bails that we give back to the recycling plant.

  • Our corrugated sheets are made from recycled cardboard.

  • We use pallet jacks when moving small inventory around the building to cut down on fork lift usage.

Custom Logo?

Put it on your custom box! We can print two color graphics that cover your entire carton.