Without exception, the size of a corrugated cardboard box is always expressed by three dimensions: Length, then Width, then Depth. (L x W x D)  These measurements refer to the inside dimensions of an assembled box, to assure the fit of your product.

At the same time, palletizing and distributing the boxes depends on the outside dimensions.  Our Customer Service staff knows how to help you to make sure sizes and allowances are correct.

For custom designs and die cuts, ask our Designers to help determine score and slotting measurements for your packaging.


Measure the length and width of the pad. Corrugation runs along the length measurement. Pads may be scored. Flute type determines the depth of the pad:

A Flute - 3/16 in
B Flute - 1/8 in
C Flute - 5/32 in
E Flute - 1/16 in
F Flute - 1/32 in


Our designers require the inside box dimensions into which the partition will fit, as well as the number of cells, specified in rows and columns.  The depth of the partition is necessary.